Exterior Services

How can you boost your home's curb appeal?

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Maintaining your property can be a tall order, but you don't have to take care of your home all by yourself. SRI Atlanta offers a variety of exterior services in Marietta, GA. From window installation and maintenance services to gutter services, we do it all. You won't have to worry about a single part of exterior maintenance with our professionals on call.

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Improving your home's exterior to today's standard

There are many different improvements you can make to your home with our team.

  • Roofing installation and repair. Let us show you how you can change the whole look of your home from the top down. We offer many options from asphalt shingles to maintenance free metal roofs.
  • Replace dated garage doors. Change the look immediately with up-to-date modern designs improving your curb appeal and adding a solid, insulated door. For added security and accessibility, keypads are also available.
  • Replace your builder grade exterior doorknobs, adding security and keypad accessibility.
  • Repair and/or install new siding. Sun and weather take their toll on the exterior of your home. Our expert team offers many different materials to replace or upgrade your home's siding to include wood, vinyl and cement board.
  • Update or install new gutters. This will keep water away from your home to ensure a dry interior. We have an expert dedicated to only gutters.

Improving your home's exterior will increase your home's value and protect your interior, including your most important asset, your family. With our experts on the job, you'll have the professional results you've dreamed of with the security and peace of mind knowing it will be managed every step of the way.